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Get active. Learn self-defense. Become a better you. Forge your mind, body, and spirit with our martial arts and tae kwon do classes.

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Martial Arts Lessons That Make a Difference

Twyman Tae Kwon Do Academy is a martial arts school located in Louisville, Kentucky where you can develop your mind, body and spirit.
We offer the best martial arts classes that Louisville has to offer for students ages 4 through adult. Our students earn their belts and have the satisfaction of knowing that they worked hard to receive it!

Our “Chung Do Kids” curriculum for ages 4-6 is in a class all to itself. These classes are specially designed for children to learn and love Taekwondo in a fun, structured and disciplined way.

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Martial arts class with kids in Louisville, KY.

Why Learn Taekwondo?

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Grow your confidence through martial arts. Being a part of our taekwondo program, you will learn to develop an “I can attitude”. With the help of our certified martial arts instructors, we will help you be the best that you can be.

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Martial arts is a great tool for self-defense. Learn how to defend yourself with confidence. At the same time, we help teach younger students to know when and when not to use their Taekwondo Skills.

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Not only is Taekwondo great for learning self-defense, it is also an Olympic sport! Our martial arts classes will challenge your mind and body. Let us help you to change your life by guiding you towards a healthy lifestyle.

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Whenever you attend our martial arts classes, you are joining a community that will help forge yourself into a better you. Twyman Tae Kwon Do Academy is a great place all ages!


Our Tae Kwon Do classes are affordable, but don’t let the price fool you. You will receive the best teaching from our nationally accredited martial arts instructors.
*Chung Do Kids classes start at $85. All other classes start at $95/mo.


"This program is great for ALL ages! The Masters and Instructors are especially great when dealing with the younger new kids. 3 of my kids have trained with them for years and absolutely love going to class each week! The martial arts skills they attain are accompanied by the friends they make, mentors they look up to, confidence they gain, and valuable life lessons they learn. Highly recommend!"

Robert Y.

"This place is home. I've been doing taekwondo for 10 years, I'm a brown belt, and I love it. The Twymans treat everyone like family. Going here has helped me make friends and grow physically and as a person. They don't only teach taekwondo; they also teach good morals and how to be a good person. Thank you Twymans; you are the best."

Dixon H.w

"I have 2 children who attend class at Twyman Taekwondo Academy. My oldest child started when he was 4 and has some learning disabilities, and the Twymans have been so supportive and amazing in helping him grow, learn muscle memory, and self-discipline. He is now 10 and a brown belt. My other child is 5 and is in Chung Do Kids and loves it. There are not enough words to express our gratitude and appreciation. Hands down the best!!!"

Nicole C.

"My daughter loves Twyman Taekwondo Academy! It is also great fun for families of all ages! The instructors are wonderful, and the new facility is amazing! You should set up a time to try a class."

Christina A.

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