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Chung Do Kids

For ages 4-6, these classes are specially designed for children. The Chung Do Kids curriculum helps children set goals, achieve them and lay a foundation for kids to follow the path to becoming a black belt.

Class Details

Beginner Class

For ages 7 and up; belt levels of white, yellow, gold and orange. Great class for families to start together. Beginner classes are geared towards helping new students and families learn the art and science of Taekwondo Chung Do Kwan at their pace. Students will be challenged and have fun at the same time!

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Intermediate Class

For ages 7 and up; belt levels of green, purple and blue. Once a student reaches the intermediate level they are sharpening up their basic skills and working towards perfection. With a faster pace, the students are challenged with advanced kicking techniques.

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Advanced Class

For ages 7 and up; belt levels of red, brown and brown with black. In this class students are getting ready for black belt and are learning their challenging, yet fun, advanced curriculum. Take downs and practical self-defense, as well as weapons training are a part of this fun exciting class!

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Black Belt Class

For 1st degree black belts and up. This class is designed for the black belts to learn the black belt curriculum and work on certification requirements, as well as instructor training.

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All Belt Class

For ages 7 and up; ALL belt ranks. This class allows families to train together and yet work individually to achieve their Taekwondo goals. All students will be challenged and will grow in every area.